Emma’s intention is to create a cheerful and safe atmosphere, where she can share her love, passion and knowledge of yoga, martial arts and dance. Emma’s classes are sweaty, challenging and accessible, intelligently blending a vinyasa flowing class with clear verbal and visual execution of the body’s foundation and healthy alignment; always leaving time to spoil the body with yummy stretches, and a deep delicious savasana. Her positive energy encourages her students to cultivate a practice that is personal and nourishing while exploring their edge, and her laid-back vibe allows one listen to their inner-teacher learning to accept from a place of gratitude. She believes the body has profound inner intelligence that we access during yoga practice to bring us self-awareness and comprehension that ultimately reveals our true core…pure love. To learn more about her upcoming reTREATs, check out www.SOULarAwakeningYoga.com social media deets: [ IG @emmakoepicko ][ FB facebook.com/emma.saal.3 ]


Striking a delicate balance between energetic and grounding, Shannon’s playful classes stay true to her Vinyasa roots using the breath to connect the asanas in fun and challenging ways. Shannon’s intention is to hold space for her students to experience a light-hearted class that takes them to their edge and allows them to draw their attention inward for a deeply personal yoga practice that benefits them on and off the mat. As the Studio Director at Epic, you can catch Shannon practicing next to you in class and at the studio. For more information, please e-mail her at shannon at epicyogadc dot com or connect with her via social media! FB: https://www.facebook.com/shancady ~ IG: @shannon.cady ~ Website: http://shannoncady.com


Alexandria Hall, 200-hour RYT, is an inspirational Yoga Teacher who received her training at Flow Yoga Center. She took her first Yoga class as an elective in college and found it to be very grounding. She is at heart somewhat of a gypsy, flowing through lots of change. Yoga helped her find grounding and peace throughout her journey. After years of practicing and working in Miami, NYC and Boston in the corporate world, she left everything to follow her passion of teaching yoga in hopes to inspire her students to live courageously. With each practice, Alexandria wants her students to feel calm and grounded, to give them a practice that creates space for them to heal within, and to connect to their divine self. She uses her voice in hopes of soothing some souls through centering, allowing each student to begin practice more present then when first entering. She stays true to her Vinyasa roots by creating sequences with soulful sounds that range from Otis Redding to Krishna Das, allowing each student to find a moment of peace and clarity. She encourages her students to flow at their own pace reminding them that this time is for them.


Jess began practicing yoga in 2008 and has been teaching since summer 2011. Yoga became a healing tool for Jess through different life hardships. Her teaching and practicing began with a rigorous power flow and has since shifted to a slower, more thoughtful and intentional practice. In each class, she hopes to bring the same purpose and intention to her students. By moving slowly and with awareness, the practitioner is able to discover much more within the bodymind. If you'd like to see what other classes and workshops Jess is teaching, visit her Instagram account: moondancer11


I came to yoga as supplement to running, biking and plyometrics style exercises I enjoyed. Doubtful yoga would provide the same physical results, I found it delivered them along with a new found connection to body and mind awareness. The yoga practice offered the same intensity while grounded my focus internally and directing each breath and movement. Eventually, yoga lured me by teaching stillness in movement, challenging me to be intentional and grasping the wondering mind to be present through each breath, movement and thought. My hope is to motivate others who are skeptical of the practice and break misconceptions of what yoga is or is not. You don't have to be strong, flexible or athletic, but simply arrive with openness to explore something new. You'll find my classes to be challenging and fun with a strong emphasis on synchronizing movement with the breath.


Katerina has been an avid practitioner of many styles of Yoga over the years and has found that Yoga is her passion. Katerina believes that Yoga is more than just a physical practice. She took her 200-hour certification from ISHTA Yoga in Washington, DC, founded and created by Yogiraj Alan Finger. Originally from Russia, Katerina has been living in DC for the last 10 years. Her classes are dynamic and challenging. Her goal is to focus on strength and balance while you move from pose to pose, linking movement with the breath through the powerful Vinyasa flow. She teaches to all levels, and she continues to explore Yoga from many fellow teachers and her students.


Yoga is more than an activity or hobby that I fell into somewhere along the way and practice every once in a while. Yoga has literally changed the way I live, facilitating a happier and more productive life. For years I suffered from a herniated disc and debilitating sciatica. Forget vigorous exercise – I had trouble even walking short distances. Traditional medicine and therapy had little effect, and I was resigned to the idea that I would just have to deal with the chronic pain and discomfort. After discovering yoga, I felt better, I lost 60 pounds and I realized the power of yoga when it’s fully incorporated into my daily routine. I am passionate about sharing yoga with my students in a safe yet challenging environment.


Chris discovered yoga and barre after a four year battle to lose nearly 100 pounds had left him physically broken and plagued by persistent injuries. In a moment of quiet desperation, he sheepishly claimed a spot in the back of his first yoga class in 2008. A few sweaty classes later, Chris began to realize that his enthusiasm for exercise, although well-intentioned, had actually been causing most of his injuries through a misunderstanding of proper alignment. He soon thereafter discovered barre classes (with a slightly less timid entrance into the back row of class) and has loved both ever since. Chris decided to become an instructor in 2011 and earned his 200-hr yoga certificate. He continued his education by obtaining a 50-hr certification from master teacher David Kyle in the "Rocket," an intensive Ashtanga-based series. Chris began teaching barre in 2014 after learning that strength isn't measured by the numbers on the weights you lift, but rather controlling your own body with grace, poise, and precision. Chris's encourages students to keep a strong focus on steady breathing and body alignment basics, allowing for a safe exploration into more advanced sequences, all while cultivating a positive attitude and refining the mind-body connection.


I love yoga for its ability to teach us about our minds & bodies and the role we play in the world around us. In addition to being a yoga teacher, I am a holistic health coach. I believe that food and movement are powerful tools of self-care that can help us live more mindfully so we can be who we want to be. I hope to show you new ways to live, move, eat and think so you can find what feels good and natural to you. I got my yoga teacher certification through Mimi Rieger's Power of Teaching program. I teach Vinyasa Flow style classes with fun music and creative sequences to keep things interesting. I love strong core work to stabilize all our asanas and lots of stretches to keep the body feeling fluid and light. To learn more about me, you can check out my website mariahmcpherson.com :)


Let’s play a game? Bob Dylan, Amy Winehouse, Jackson 5, and Allman Brothers – what do all of these musicians have in common? Probably all have been on the top 100, but more importantly they all exist on Mel’s class playlist! As diverse as the music blasting in the background, Mel’s “pilates-eque” class is a fusion of all things good - dance, pilates, yoga, barre, fusion, core, and anything else of the like. Always different, challenging, high energy, and most importantly fun - Mel’s dynamic combination of focused intervals, concentrated stretching, and fast paced class will leave you both simultaneously exhausted and excited for the day ahead. . Mel earned a BSBA from Washington University in St. Louis, an MHA from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and completed her Pilates Teaching certification through Power Pilates in New York in 2009. While most of her days are spent in the healthcare consulting arena, she is continually refining her passion by learning from the experiences of each day, and hopes to pursue opportunities that integrate both traditional and holistic medicine.


Sarah began practicing yoga when chronic back pain led her to search for pain relief through increased strength and flexibility. Over the course of her twelve year practice she has become increasingly interested in asana, pranayama and meditation as tools for achieving a more balanced and graceful life and believes yoga is one of the best methods for dealing with the stress and demands of everyday life. Sarah strives to provide a space for learning, growth and experimentation and to convey how yogic principals learned on the mat can be incorporated into daily life. She hopes to demonstrate how finding the humor and grace in challenging poses can lead to increased awareness and poise in everyday life. Sarah is a certified RYT-200 through ISHTA training at Thrive Yoga in Rockville, Maryland.



Amie first began practicing yoga in high school with her mother. Although she practiced on and off for the next few years, her fierce passion and commitment truly blossomed in college. As she immersed herself in her practice and the surrounding yoga community, she was drawn to exploring breath, body, and mind connections both internally and with the support of her fellow yogis. Amie completed a 200hr RYT training program in 2013 from Yoga Flow in Pittsburgh (Here We Go Steelers!) She spent the next several years teaching and practicing at Yoga Flow until 2017 when she decided to take a leap and move to DC. Amie creates playful, creative, vinyasa style classes with intentions of offering opportunities for her students to grow, explore, let go, and practice self-care. As a hands on instructor, she provides extra good feels and guidance on alignment, all while trying to take you just a little deeper. If you'd like to connect further with Amie make sure to check her out on Instagram @amiedoesyoga


Jason's training is in Raja Yoga and his practice typically incorporates a slow power flow. He teaches meditation in motion, with a particular emphasis on the breath, presence, and self care. His classes are both accessible and challenging for all levels.