Class Descriptions

Classes are suitable for all levels, unless specifically noted. Hot Yoga classes have an average temperature of approximately 90 degrees. Please refer to the “Teachers” tab to learn more about specific class style.

Align 'n' Flow: A vinyasa flow class, beginning with centering and sun salutations. Expect dynamic and playful sequences with a strong focus on alignment through movement. "First wave" concentrates on setting up the foundation of the postures, moving into additional "waves" of fluidity and flow. An all levels breath-inspired journey created through effective and creative sequences that challenge the body and mind, and remove physical and energetic blockages. 

Ballet YOGAlates: This class is an EPIC fusion of  Yoga, Pilates and Ballet techniques with a powerful, energetic flow. The dynamic blend of movement increases strength, balance, and flexibility, while being easy on the joints.  The teacher may chose to incorporate the ballet barre and/or small hand weights. Suitable for all levels. ~ Happy Hour Ballet YOGAlates: 45 minute express version.

Candlelight Flow: A Vinyasa Flow Yoga class that begins with heat-building sun salutations and standing poses, and leads into a practice that focuses more on yin/restorative postures using props to assist in supporting the body for a more restorative practice. A great way to reboot! Suitable for all levels.

cOMmUNITY Class: Donation-based Vinyasa Flow Yoga class. Suitable for all levels. (Suggested donation of $8, cash only).

Enlightened Flow: Headstand and meditation flow focusing on the proper foundation and alignment to better understand headstand. Headstand is a very healing posture with many benefits, some of which alleviates anxiety and depression. This class allows you to go deeper into your practice, connecting the breath, body, and mind! Suitable for all levels. 

EPIClates: An EPIC fusion of Pilates, dance, cardio-barre, and yoga held in our Ballet Studio. Upbeat, fun tunes, and an awesome workout. Suitable for all levels.

HOT Detox Flow: A Vinyasa Flow Yoga class held in our Hot Studio heated to approximately 90 degrees, that includes poses targeted toward cleansing the body and mind. Students can expect to sweat! Suitable for all levels.

HOT Sunrise Yoga: Begin your day with a warm Vinyasa Flow Yoga class in our Hot Studio heated to approximately 90 degrees. Students can expect sun salutations, standing poses, seated poses, and savasana. Suitable for all levels.

Hot Yoga: A Vinyasa Flow Yoga class held in our Hot Studio heated to approximately 90 degrees. Suitable for all levels. Class is "teacher-driven", so the style will vary depending on the instructor. Please note that if you use one of our mats for hot yoga you are encouraged to use a towel. You may rent a yoga mat towel from us for $1 or, you may bring your own towel that covers the entirety of the yoga mat (e.g., yoga mat towel, bath towel, beach towel, etc.). Thank you for your understanding.

Lunch Power Hour: A powerful Vinyasa Flow Yoga class. Perfect for squeezing into your busy workday! Suitable for all levels. *Please note: the 55 minute class does not include savasana. The teacher will offer savasana during the last 5 minutes (total 60 mins) for those guests who would like to partake!

Mid-Day Namaste: Take advantage of our off-peak pricing and squeeze in a lil’ namaste before dinner or work by enjoying a mid-day vinyasa class for only $12! Suitable for all levels.

Morning Flow: Start your day with this creative "basics" yoga class. Explore variations of sun salutations and level 1-2 asanas (postures) in a steady and happy flow with a strong focus on healthy alignment. *Please note: the 55 minute class does not include savasana. The teacher will offer savasana during the last 5 minutes (total 60 mins) for those guests who would like to partake!

PowerPulse YOGAlates: This 45 minute express workout is an EPIC way to start your day! Yogalates is a class designed to build heat within the body focused on the core while still keeping the fluidity of yoga. Warmup begins with Sun Salutations leading to a pilates style-abdominal strengthening sequence of planks, Dolphins, bicycle crunches and more! Ending the practice with stretches to allow the body to embrace it's hard work!

Vinyasa Open Level: In Vinyasa Flow Yoga, breath-synchronized, flowing, and dynamic movements are used to transition between sustained postures. Using the breath (pranayama) to flow from one asana (pose/posture) to the next, no one class is the same and follows the style of the teacher. This class is an open level class suitable for all levels.

Warm Honey Flow: Held in our hot yoga studio, this gently heated (80-85 degrees) sweet 1 hour flow will give you the space to move at a slower pace, feeling and listening to the inner workings of your body. Each pose and transition will focus on integrating body and breath. These slow, integrated movements will use muscles in a more precise way, cultivating greater strength and mindfulness. Be prepared for a little sweat before a sweet, candlelit, savasana.

Yin Flow Yoga: Take your flow in slow-mo. In our Yin Flow Yoga class, we allow for deeper stretching and more intensive strengthening. Class begins with a short flow to heat up the body, followed by detailed guidance through more passive expressions of familiar postures, designed to allow the body to receive their full benefits. Practitioners can expect to take a little more time than usual to set up and experience each posture to improve mobility and flexibility throughout the body.

Yoga Sculpt: This class uses traditional (and sometimes not-so-traditional!) yoga postures to build muscle. Students can expect to sweat in their Chaturangas and Downward-Facing Dogs! Suitable for all levels. ~ Happy Hour Yoga Sculpt: 45 minute express version.