Class Descriptions

Classes are suitable for all levels, unless specifically noted. Hot Yoga classes have an average temperature of approximately 90 degrees. Please refer to the “Teachers” tab to learn more about specific class style.

Ballet YOGAlates: An EPIC fusion of Power Yoga, Ballet and Pilates techniques with a challenging (and accessible), energetic flow. The dynamic blend of movement increases strength, balance, and flexibility. The teacher may choose to incorporate the ballet barre and/or small hand weights and resistance bands. Suitable for all levels.

Candlelight Flow: A Vinyasa Flow Yoga class that begins with heat-building sun salutations and standing poses, and leads into a practice that focuses more on yin/restorative postures using props to assist in supporting the body for a more restorative practice. A great way to reboot! Suitable for all levels.

cOMmUNITY Class: We’ve got a super talented group of recent graduates of our 200hr YTT ready and eager to share the gift of yoga with our community. Join us and a Budding Yoga Teacher. Each week there may be a different YTT graduate leading an all-level flow. Epic's cOMmUNITY class is an open-level yoga class designed to be affordable to everyone in the community. Classes are $5 bucks and lead by our recent YTT graduates! Practice will be well-rounded; mix of sun salutations with multiple variations, strong standing series, balancing poses, twists, backbends and forward bends, and inversions. Each class will include a brief centering and meditation, a focus on breathing practices (pranayama) and a guided deep relaxation to seal in the benefits of the yoga. This class is included in monthly membership for free.

Cosmic Flow: Cosmic Flow is your chance to explore the universe — inside of you and outside of you. John leads you on a Wednesday evening journey to unwind from the grind and explore your mind. Practice will be active and you’ll enjoy a warm (but not hot) and energetic (but not exhausting) Vinyasa series. It’s all-levels and John will guide you to combine physical movement and philosophical exploration. Creative and active techniques may include circular Vinyasa flow, inversions, and breathwork. Topped off with refreshing svanasana and guided meditation to complete the trip. After 75 minutes you’ll emerge renewed and ready to continue your life’s journey. Cosmic Flow gives your senses the ultimate trip into spacious consciousness. All-levels welcome.

EPIC Morning Flow: Start your day with an EPIC morning flow- a sweet and complete moving meditation combining both dynamic movement and static poses. Explore variations of sun salutations and level 1-2 asanas (postures) in a steady and happy flow with a strong focus on healthy alignment. Accessible for all levels.

EPIC Rx [Movement Medicine]: Movement is medicine for the body and soul, and Epic has your wellness prescription. Movement Medicine is an integrative yoga, dance and meditation experience that will free your mind and allow you to delve deeper into your body. When we move our bodies, we free ourselves from the energetic blockages that’s built up from the stress awaiting to release from our chaotic lives. Take your practice to another level, cleanse yourself through sweating out the tension in your connective tissues and find clarity in whatever it is you are seeking in your journey.

60 minute of vinyasa flow, dance, movement and meditation that builds strength, flexibility, and freedom of expression on your mat, on the dance floor, and in your everyday life. This class will inspire you to extend beyond your own boundaries in the way you move on your mat, the dance floor and about your daily life. 

Freedom Barre: Freedom Barre ® is a music-driven, ballet-inspired group exercise class. Choreographed to current hits, classic Motown, jazz, classical and original music produced by in-house producer DJ BANG, Freedom Barre strikes the perfect balance of ballet aesthetic and modern fitness techniques.

Graceful but intense, Freedom Barre uses a ballet aesthetic to combine the key elements you need for a fully toned and balanced body: Strength, Balance and Flexibility. With three degrees of intensity to accommodate all levels of ability and experience, you’ll fall in love with the magic and the muscle of barre from your very first class.

Hatha Yoga: Experience asana in a slower, deeper way. Traditional yoga poses with longer holds and slower transitions allow for precise instruction in alignment and cultivate strength, patience, and surrender. Expect an emphasis on integrated breath work, core strength, and a deep release of physical and mental tensions. Leave feeling rested, balanced, and grounded. Great class for beginners.

Hatha Yoga + Nidra: The perfect combination! Begin with Hatha Yoga- a slower paced practice with an emphasis on alignment, stretching, and holding. Deepen the relaxation with integrated breath work and relaxation techniques before slipping into Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a guided meditation that encourages physical, mental, and emotional well-being and offers a much-needed balance to the more physical aspects of yoga. Yoga Nidra provides a systematic relaxation technique for everyone, but can be especially helpful for those suffering from chronic stress, anxiety, or insomnia. Experience deep relaxation and release on multiple levels. No prior yoga experience necessary.

HOT Detox Flow: A Vinyasa Flow Yoga class held in our Hot Studio heated to approximately 90 degrees, that includes poses targeted toward cleansing the body and mind. Students can expect to sweat! Suitable for all levels.

Hot Yoga: A Vinyasa Flow Yoga class held in our Hot Studio heated to approximately 90 degrees. Suitable for all levels. Class is "teacher-driven", so the style will vary depending on the instructor. Please note that if you use one of our mats for hot yoga you are encouraged to use a towel. You may rent a yoga mat towel from us for $1 or, you may bring your own towel that covers the entirety of the yoga mat (e.g., yoga mat towel, bath towel, beach towel, etc.). Thank you for your understanding.

Lunch Power Hour: A powerful Vinyasa Flow Yoga class. Perfect for squeezing into your busy workday! Class is "teacher-driven", so the style will vary depending on the instructor. Suitable for all levels.

Peak Pose Flow (heated): Created to ignite heat in the body, challenge the yogi, and communicate intermediate/advanced knowledge, this class is one you do not want to miss! This hot, vinyasa based practice focuses on 1-2 intermediate/advanced asanas that include challenge of strength, flexibility, and balance. Expect dynamic sequencing and anatomical cueing to support growth and execution of peak poses. Each month will focus on the same peak poses to inspire consistent practice and evolution. Geared for students with regular practice, interest in advancement, or open to exploration and play! Modifications are still offered and laughter is encouraged.

Power Pulse YOGAlates: This 45 minute express workout is an EPIC way to start your weekend! Yogalates is a class designed to build heat within the body focused on the core while still keeping the fluidity of yoga. Warmup begins with Sun Salutations leading to a pilates style-abdominal strengthening sequence of planks, Dolphins, bicycle crunches and more! Ending the practice with stretches to allow the body to embrace it's hard work!

Rocket Yoga: Rocket Yoga is rooted in the practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa. It is composed of poses from the Primary and Intermediate Series of Ashtanga. Practice is a dynamic and fast-paced flow of yoga. The structure maintains that of Ashtanga Vinyasa, consisting of a warm up (Surya Namaskar A + B), followed with standing poses, seated poses, and ending with the traditional closing series. Another key quality of the Rocket Yoga System is the "Art of Modification." Students are encouraged to make their own interpretation of the traditional asana and can remove or modify binding postures that tend to cause students to get stuck in the traditional series. This allows the Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga method to be accessible by all practitioners.

Root to Rise EPIC Flow: Wake up and tune into your body with this mindful morning flow that combines Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin styles. This sweet, grounded practice encourages self-care and body-awareness through heat-building, flowing, and centered movement. Expect a combination of Pranayama, challenging yet accessible sequences, and refreshing, meditative movement. Each class is an opportunity to be intentional, grounded, and connected to mind, body, and heart.

Slow Your Roll: It's time to slow down, hOMie. In this 45 minute yoga fusion class, enjoy the benefits of self myofascial release, gentle vinyasa, and yin practice. This yummy trio blends together to leave you feeling renewed. Self myofascial release is a technique to reduce tension in our connective tissue, our fascia. This prop based class is designed to create mobility, ease the mind, and calm the body. Beneficial for both lifetime practitioners and beginner yogis.

Soul Vibe: Rejuvenate, relax and refresh your body, spirit and soul with Soul Vibe Yoga Flow where harmony through yoga and music restores balance and positive energy. You'll sweat a little while opening your Chakras and vibing out to the rhythm and sounds of Otis Redding, John Ledgend, Hoizer and Phil Collins just to name a few.

The Grateful Yoga: A heartfelt vinyasa practice guaranteed to help you experience a full range of motion, as well as a full range of emotion. All-levels welcome

Vinyasa Open Level: In Vinyasa Flow Yoga, breath-synchronized, flowing, and dynamic movements are used to transition between sustained postures. Using the breath (pranayama) to flow from one asana (pose/posture) to the next, no one class is the same and follows the style of the teacher. This class is an open level class suitable for all levels.

Warm Honey Flow: Held in our hot yoga studio, this gently heated (80-85 degrees) sweet 1 hour flow will give you the space to move at a slower pace, feeling and listening to the inner workings of your body. Each pose and transition will focus on integrating body and breath. These slow, integrated movements will use muscles in a more precise way, cultivating greater strength and mindfulness. Be prepared for a little sweat before a sweet, candlelit, savasana.

Yin Yoga: Gentle and restorative, Yin Yoga allows for deeper stretching and strengthening, integrating small movements and longer holds to get deeper into the postures. Class begins with a short centering to bring awareness to the breath and the body, followed by detailed guidance through more passive expressions of familiar postures, designed to allow the body to receive their full benefits. Practitioners can expect to take a little more time than usual to set up and experience each posture to improve mobility and flexibility throughout the body.