Epic  Yoga  Class  Description


Classes are all-level, unless specifically noted. The Hot Yoga class has the average temperature 95 degrees. Check out the “Teachers” tab to learn more about the class style.

Advanced:  Challenging class, deeper , more advanced postures, complex sequencing.  Suitable for yoga teachers and those with an advanced practice.   

Barre Yoga:  Yoga-based class that incorporates ballet barre work, cardio and Pilates.

Beginner: Basic yoga postures taught with healthy alignment.  Go over the fundamentals of yoga, creating a solid foundation for your practice.

Bliss yoga: Come get your yoga buzz.

Community Class:  "pay what you want", donation based class. all level. (cash/check only)

DeStress:  class that has a main focus of restoring the body and mind to a space that is peaceful and balanced.  Great for beginners.

Detox: practice yoga in a room that is heated to  average 85 degrees.  Detox’s main focus is to cleanse the body and mind.

Happy Hour:  Fun, upbeat yoga class. Hang out and mingle at the studio after class.  Enjoy a refreshment and a light bite nearby as a group.  Local restaurants may even extend an “EPIC” discount.

Industry Yoga/Guru Yoga:  Work nights? Full-time yoga teacher?  Enjoy a class in the late afternoon, between lunch and rush hour.

Power Lunch:  Intense, 50-min class to squeeze into your busy work day.  Members can take advantage of our laundry service— Epic Yoga Studio will have your yoga apparel cleaned and stored on site.

Red Sun Yogaa vinyasa style hybrid of yoga and martial arts.  also inspired by Prana flow, this fusion style class focuses on the dynamic transitions within postures.

Slow Flow:  A slower paced vinyasa class.  Focus to create a fluidity within your practice.  Great for beginners.

Sunrise Yoga: Begin your day with a warm yoga class.